To Gain True and Optimal Health

Weston, FL


Purification Program at TAO Wellness Center in Weston, FL


Our bodies are being bombarded by toxins on a daily basis through our water, food, environment, medications and more.

Accumulations of these toxins build up in our system taxing our immune, digestive and neurological systems. They can also can hormonal imbalances. Toxin build up can cause fatigue, headaches, anxiety, digestive disorders, joint pain, weight gain, acne, and much more. Let us help you reduce your toxic load and get you on a path of health and vitality. Call us today!
Our Detoxification program is like no other. It  is designed to meet your own detoxification needs.

  • It is patient centered: Customized to meet your own detoxification needs
  • Physician Guided & Formulated: By Johanna Nazzar LAc, CFMP the director of the program whom is specialized is detoxification
  • Science based: Formulated based on your blood chemistry reports and medical assessment forms


Purification Program includes:

Customized treatment plan
Introductory seminar
15min Consultation
3 week customized diet
2 lymphatic drainage massages
1 reflexology
2 ionic foot bath treatments
To Sign up please call us today!