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Weston, FL



For customized, caring, and personalized heath care with fantastic results, please come see this doctor. I got tired of constant extreme skin problems and massive uses of pills like steroids, immune inhibitors and needles issued by 7 dermatologists, 2 allergists, and 3 prime care doctors over an 8 year slump of failed health. During this period, I was hospitalized 7 times in 2 years,14 to 28 days each, receiving massive doses of antibiotics every 12 hours for staph infections. The question- What is wrong with me?- was never answered by any of the specialists I saw to this day. They treated the symptoms and not the cause. The non results and unanswered questions drove me to find solutions, I wanted off the chemicals, and eventually found Dr. Nazzar. She asked me the right questions, immediately restructured my diet, and through cleanses and herbs I started to heal. Through testing she found out I had food allergies. How simple. We are what we eat. I first met Dr. Nazzar two years ago. I listened to everything she told me to do then and now. Allergies are under control, skin is healthy, my diet is automatic to me now, and I have never been healthier. In less then a year I lost 90 lbs. (285 to 195 lbs), maintaining at weight today, and blood work has never been better. I have and do highly recommend her to anyone with unanswered problems. You will see results"   - Ken Hresko

Dr. Nazzar thoroughly and accurately addressed several health issues that I had been dealing with. In addition to providing acupuncture, she pointed out ways for me to further improve my health and nutrition and provided the correct supplements to help me reach my goals. I have felt so confident with Dr. Nazzar’s treatment philosophy that I have recommended her services to both family and friends.” - Andrea D. 6/8/12

"I started going to Dr. Johanna Nazzar at the end of Summer last year. My hands and feet were deep red/purple with thick broken open skin. The first thing she did was ask me to stop eating anything with Gluten.  Dr. Nazzar did blood tests that showed me to be allergic to Whole Wheat - which for the past 10 years I Only ate Whole Grain Whole Wheat products.  For two years I had gone to several Dermatologists -they treated my symptoms and called my problem by many different names- but never got me to the point I am today.  Now - not even a year later I am SO MUCH better.  I wore sandles on Mothers Day this year -for the first time in two years.  Dr. Nazzar looked into what was causing the problem and has certainaly help me to start healing.
Thank you Dr. Nazzar" -Norma Cobb

Truly the best holistic medicine doctor and acupuncturist I have ever got to experience. The ambiance, the passion, the genuineness that is exhibited from her explains her natural talent for healing. She seems as if she does not work for money, but for the benefit of others. "Natural Healing Touch" -Annoymous

"Johanna Nazzzar is terrific and easy going. She is very smart and very knowlegable; she knows her stuff. She is very specific with her treatments and explain everything very well. She educates you about your health and body. She has helped me with a lot of different health problems."
-Ronald C

"I have a history of migraines for over 15 years. I have seen neurologist and taken drugs to calm them down. After treatment with Dr. Nazzar with chinese herbs and acupuncture, I have been migraine free for 2 years! A couple of times I have felt one coming on, I see her and get herbs and they have prevented them. I am 100% satisfied with my results. She has also helped with other issues like heartburn and digestion."- Delcy P

"I am in my early twenties used to suffer from really bad acne. I have seen different dermatologist for the last few years. I tried birth control, antibiotics and steroids all which helped for a little. The doctor found out I had a low immune system which caused a lot of bacteria in my body. We did a special colon cleanse and immune support. The results are the best I have seen yet. She even helped my old scars get lighter and better. Thank you Dr. Nazzar! Jennifer M